Professional large granite crusher equipment

granite crusher equipment

As China's high crushing and milling equipment expert navigator, SBM has been committed to crushing technology learning research and development, and manufacturing of crushing equipment, which according to granite, basalt, quartz, marble, high hardness ore rock properties and application requirements, granite aggregate production to create a series of high-quality large granite crusher equipment, application effect is very good.

professional large granite crusher equipment

Which, PE series of large deep cavity jaw crusher is suitable for professional granite, basalt rock crushing ore crushing equipment, typically used for first crushing process. It uses the principle of mutual jaw extrusion processing of materials, bearing pressure, strong crushing capacity can be no higher than 320MPa compressive strength of various mineral-time processing to medium-grained rock, run very stable.

At the same time, it uses optimized deep cavity crushing, feeding and crushing efficiency are greatly enhanced, drawing the world's advanced manufacturing technology, digital analysis of the operation of the various components, the internal structure of precision, high degree of automation, but also greatly extended service life, low operating costs is a client for granite and other hard rock crushing device of choice.

In addition to a large jaw crusher crushing equipment, as well as granite aggregates and sand to create a material in the production of crushing and shaping equipment, supplemented shaker, conveyors and other equipment, usually consisting of a larger capacity, higher efficiency broken sand stone production or production lines, to achieve further precision machining of granite, improve the relevance of product applications, increasing its market value.

General optional equipment in crushing and shaping are HPC hydraulic cone crusher and 5X new Sand making machine equipment, they are also professional for granite and other hard rock processing equipment, crushing hard rock areas in a unique advantage, won several national patents and technology awards, economical and practical, praised by customers.

Granite is an igneous magma below the surface, but the formation of condensate, the main component of feldspar and quartz. Easily weathered granite, hard, beautiful colors, is the ideal paving aggregates and building stone, is widely used in the construction field.