Sand production line equipment running and debugging methods

Sand production line equipment running and debugging methods

Sand production line usually compose of jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, feeder, sand making machine, can be used for hard limestone, granite, basalt, river gravel and many more aggregate materials and artificial sands operations for water and electricity, building materials, highways, urban construction and other industry applications, to meet the needs of various people.

Sand production line equipment inspection before operation

First, sand production line equipment checks before commissioning is an important task.

  • pumps and piping dry conditions.
  • adjust the position of the wedge adjustment block meets the design requirements.
  • Turning to observe whether there is another card to touch the place, before driving after everything is normal.

Second, confirm the direction of rotation of the motor no-load operation alone 2h, check the bearing temperature.

Third, cranking the flywheel to avoid dead spots, so when you start to overcome their inertia.

Fourth, the installed V-belt, adjust the degree of parallelism and its taut between rounds.

Fifth, sand production line equipment before you start, you must first start dry pumps, lubrication points for refueling.

Six, no-load test run for 4h, operation should meet the following requirements:

  • between the bracket and the bracket base should not have abnormal sound.
  • lock should have a larger sound between the spring and lever.
  • bearing temperature shall not exceed 30 ℃.
  • stable value of current and voltage should be within the nominal range, without abnormal fluctuations.

Properly installed production line equipment is a prerequisite for the normal operation of a production line, follow the reasonable operation is also essential to protect the personal safety, operational start-up and operation precautions: ready to work, the car should be specified in order to operate. Note that when you start the main motor control cabinet ammeter, after 30-40s starting peak current, the current will be reduced to the normal operating current. During normal operation, the current should also pay attention longer than the specified value. After the jaw crusher normal operation, you can start feeding machine, before feeding.

Shutdown Note: You must order by stopping the production process, the first stop feeding machine, material to be discharged after stopping all the broken jaw crusher and conveyor. Crushing cavity material must not be stored, so as not to cause difficulties for the next start. Must be parked after jaw crusher, to stop oil pump and cooling systems. Cooling water should be let go in the winter to prevent bearing cracking.