How to choose the belt conveyor pressure relay

How to choose the belt conveyor pressure relay

belt Conveyor is a friction drive for material transport in a continuous manner machinery. Mainly from the rack, conveyor belt, roller, roller, tensioning devices, drives and other components. It may be the material in a certain conveying line, from the initial feed point to the discharge point is formed between the final delivery process a material.

It can deliver a granular material, can also be transported into pieces items. In addition to the pure material handling, but also with the requirements of various industrial processes in the production process of the match, the formation of the rhythmic flow transport line.

The pressure relay when the pressure signal reaches a given value, the electrical switching, which occurred in liquid electrical conversion element electrical signals. When a fluid pressure reaches the set pressure of the pressure relay, it sends an electrical signal to control the solenoid valve, electromagnetic clutches, relays and other electrical components action, so that the oil pressure relief, for the press, the executing agency to achieve sequential action, or close the motor , the system stops working, and so starting a security role. This article will explain how to choose conveyor pressure relay.

Pressure relays must meet the following two main properties:

pressure relay by pressure - composed displacement transfer components and micro-switches in two parts. And works by structure type, pressure switch can be divided into the plunger, spring tube, diaphragm and bellows four. Which plunger pressure relay the most common, according to the structure of single and dual piston plunger of the points, but there are single plunger plunger differential piston and plunger - lever three. Press the electrical function occurs, the pressure relay has a single contact and double contact points.

pressure relay performance requirements are:

Surge range: pressure range is the minimum pressure relay electrical signals operating pressure and maximum working pressure range which can occur.

Sensitivity: the pressure switch turns on and off when the pressure difference with respect to the tone set.

High Repeatability: the pressure relay repeatedly turned on or off, the maximum difference between the relative

percentage of system pressure set pressure for.

Transient characteristics of a good: turn on and continue to open a short time.